When will I find out what team on which my daughter was placed?:  Teams are usually formed on the second or third weekend in February.  Coaches will contact their players shortly after.  Please contact the League if you haven't heard from the coach by the end of the month.  You can send an e-mail to support@elkgrovesoftball.com.

When will my daughter's team practice?:  Practices can begin March 1.  The practice schedule (times and location) are set by the team coach.  Most teams practice two days a week.  Usually one on a weeknight (not before 5:00 pm) and the other on a weekend (a 2 hour block of time). 

When is the game schedule posted?:  Games can begin the first week of April.  The schedule is not usually finished and published until mid March.  Teams will usually play two games per week.  The games will most likely be one on a weeknight, and one sometime on Saturday.  The game schedule may vary, and there will not be any League games on either a holiday weekend, or the weekend of the Sizzling Slam Tournament.

My daughter has to withdraw from the League, how do I get a refund?:  Refund requests are only processed by submitting the League's Refund Request Form online.  The form can be found in the drop down menu under League Info.  The amount of the refund is determined by the date the form is received by the League.  For example, if the refund is requested after teams have been assigned (draft day), then the uniform and insurance fee will be deducted from your refund amount.

How do I comment on an umpire? Please contact the Umpire-In-Chief at support@elkgrovesoftball.com for comments, complaints, or other concerns related to umpires. Questions related to rules are always welcome.

If you have an immediate question, you can send an email to support@elkgrovesoftball.com.
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